My Mothers Day Lesson: Stick to the List

I’m headed out to look for Mom’s Mothers Day gift. The good thing about my mom is you never have to wonder about what gift to buy her for any holiday — mom will tell you what to buy 🙂 She so graciously provides my siblings and me with a list of items to choose from. This past Christmas (2016) I decided to lean to my “own understanding” and stray from her gift list. I searched all over the city for a particular heated vibration and massage pillow that helps with tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. I was so thrilled that I’d gotten the last one in stock.  I just knew I’d gotten mom the perfect gift.

My family and I exchanged gifts on Christmas morning. We all had the look of “I hope you like it” with each exchange and for the most part everybody had a smile on their faces. We gave hugs and many thank you’s to each other just for the thoughtfulness and love behind the gifts, you know? Well, we had an Easter family dinner a month or so ago and I casually asked mom if the massage pillow I’d gotten her for Christmas seemed to help any. And she said, “Oh Step, it’s still in the box in one of the bedrooms. I never opened it.” Of course I laughed because I knew from the beginning that the massage pillow was not on her gift list. I suppose I gave her what “I” wanted her to have instead of what she asked for. The funny thing is my mom is not a hard person to please at all. Things on her list can range from $10 on up but she just likes what she likes. I remember one time one of us sent her some flowers and she said, “Chy’, you could’ve gave me the money you spent on those flowers!” The point was if you’re not sure what to get or what to do, you can’t go wrong with giving money. She is overwhelmingly hilarious but she is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Love, honor, and cherish your mother, your grandmother, and mother figures in your life. I understand family dynamics may differ from one family to another but do your best to respect and show honor to those who have sacrificed so much to make you who you are today. I am convinced that sowing honor will cause you to reap honor if you stick with it. If the mothers in your life are still alive, do something to acknowledge them this week, even if it’s a small gesture. I believe it will make their hearts smile in that you thought about them. If your mom has transitioned, I pray for God’s grace upon you and your family during this time.

I’ve gotta run but wanted to encourage you to stick to your mom’s gift list (if she has one). And as far as my mom’s massage pillow?? I asked her if I could have it back to help relieve tension spots I was experiencing! Mom gave it back to me but said I have to buy her another gift in its place (ha)….Happy Mothers Day 2017!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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