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Stephanie's Story

I am from a small town in North Carolina where everyone knows your name. That can be a good thing when you need help and it can be a not-so-good thing if you get into trouble or mischief.

My childhood was not very eventful. I was shy and stayed close to home. I really enjoyed creative arts and being around the elderly. It was probably because that's who my mom spent a lot of her time with. I would often eavesdrop on some of their grown up conversations as it was laced with such humor and wisdom.

I can honestly say you become what you hear and what you hang around. It is funny how one of my nicknames was "Mother Mayer" at eleven years old! The wisdom I gleaned and laughter I shared as a youngster was and is worth more than rubies.

Though happy on the outside, I was deeply wounded inside -- primarily as a result of bullying and feeling like I could never measure up to the next person. It was not until my adult years that I was finally able to own my uniqueness and be comfortable in my own skin, without explanation or apology.

I stand proudly today proclaiming I am much more than a beautiful face (as some say I have). I am a whole woman: spirit, soul, and body -- curves and all.

To have found my voice and my place in the world has been one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced. This liberty and passion has led me to create a path for others to find their way, in their own way, in their own time.


Stephanie Mayer is an author, transitional strategist, and songwriter from North Carolina. She has received acclaim for songs she has written for Gold Certified, Grammy and Stellar Award nominated projects. Not only does her affinity for writing translate as melodies from the heart — it also extends into writing books, ghostwriting and blogs. She has authored “Beauty from the Inside Out”, a transparent and thought provoking book that reveals how to define beauty based upon your definition and not by society, “Yet Another Dream”, about how you can jump start your life again by creating your own future by design and "I Believe, So I Speak: 21 Days of Affirmations."

Stephanie attended North Carolina A&T State University and Wayne State University to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She received her Life Coach Certification under the instruction of one of the nation’s leading coaching experts.

Ms. Mayer is currently a Masters of Arts candidate in the field of Mental Health Counseling. Her greatest passion is to teach individuals how to gain clarity in their purpose, achieve their goals, and create a life they love.

Stephanie resides in Cary, North Carolina.