Awareness: From Doing to Being

I am a student of thought. What a difference this has made in my life. One of the most significant benefits is becoming more aware of patterns of thought and feelings. If I feel happiness, I ask myself, “what is it about this state that has triggered a sense of pleasure?” If I feel excitement, “what element has motivated me to such a space of expectation?” If angry, “what am I really afraid of?” Awareness means to be ever present in the moment. Sometimes we tend to mentally live and re-live in the past and yet other times we can spend too much time in the future. Over emphasis on either side of the spectrum can rob us of the beauty of this most delicate, tender and present moment—the now.

These are the days where it seems everyone is in a hurry to do or to have. I think it is possible to get so caught up in “doing and doing” that we forget how to be a human “being.” What do I mean by that? Being is a state of existence. It is who you are right now. Being requires no assistance from doing. For example, yesterday was memorial day and I had a pretty full day of going and doing, etc. I woke up this morning a little tired and decided to take an hour or  so “to be” — to be still, to be quiet, to be centered, to be prayer, to be meditation. It may sound a bit awkward to say “to be prayer or to be mediation”, however you can reach a place of awareness where you can become the state of prayer and meditation. I believe the most powerful prayers are often the ones short and unspoken. Be aware of your emotions and how you feel. Emotions are by no means a bad thing but rather indicators to let you know when something is off balance within your spirit, soul and/or body. Be aware of your conscious and inner voice that endeavors to guide you to a place of peace. Give yourself permission to drown out all the external noise and distractions that vigorously fight for your attention through out the day. This may occasionally mean reducing the number of people who have access to your ear, your heart and your life. The objective is to ultimately obtain a state of peace, wholeness, happiness and a sound mind. Whatever we are conscious of, we become. To constantly be aware of lack, unhappiness, and things that do not serve us well will attract more misfortune. On the other hand, to constantly be aware of gratitude and prosperity will attract more of what we truly desire.

In everything give thanks, friends. Keep giving and doing what you know to do is right; God will soon reward you openly if you don’t lose heart. Be inspired to quiet your spirit for times of prayer, meditation and refreshing everyday — even if only for 10 to 15 minutes. Sensitivity and awareness will increase as you move from the state of “doing” to the state of “being.”

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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