Do It in the Dark

I took today off to gather myself from a hectic schedule the past 6 weeks. My birthday is coming up next month. It always causes me to be reflective about what areas of my life I did okay in and what areas can be improved from the current year. I’ve had more ups than downs this year; more good days and fewer not so good days. In my own way, I’m learning what true success and happiness is — more importantly what it is not.

Sometimes masses of people and large numbers do not equate success. I do believe success can be measured though not by numbers alone. Success can be seen in the increase of effectiveness in different areas. At the end of the day, success is doing what God tells you to do when He tells you to do it. Everyone’s assignment and purpose may be different but your part and my part are both important in the big scheme of things. I think the primary focus of it all is to finish whatever we start.

In general, I am one who various people confide in. My family and friends will tell you that if they’ve shared something with me in confidence, they won’t hear it again. You can try to pry it out of me, but the source of the secret will tell it before I will. The “sworn to secrecy oath” is often more obvious when someone shares new plans, aspirations, dreams or projects with me. Sometimes they ask for my advice.

Other times they may just need a listening ear to bounce ideas off of. It’s no secret that a good portion of my life and dealings is based on confidentiality. The very first thing I express to those who ask for my help or my ear is five words that can minimize the risk of dreams/goals being aborted. Those five words are….DO–IT–IN–THE–DARK! “It” stands for things you’re working on (goals, dreams, ideas, opportunities, relationships, or anything that hasn’t materialized in full bloom or manifestation yet). In many cases it is a sacred act to keep things in the dark before exposing it to light prematurely; especially while it’s underdeveloped.

I remember taking a photography class some years ago and my instructor taught the importance of the dark room. He shared that the ideal dark room is pitch black in order to develop and process images properly. Now that I think about it, God created the heavens and earth in darkness (Genesis 1:1-2). His process of creation began when there was no form or shape to the earth. It was basically nothingness. Yet He created in the dark and waited for the right time to call for the light (verse 3).

I endeavor to encourage as many people as I can to work in the dark. It’s not for the sake of being overly private or mysterious as if you have something to hide. What I have learned is there is safety in exercising wisdom and constraint on revealing the dreams, purposes and plans of your heart before time. If you don’t believe me just ask Joseph (in the bible) about sharing his dreams with his brothers too soon.

In the day that we live in it takes a great level of discernment to know who is for or against you, but do your best to identify both groups as quickly as possible. Sometimes it’s not worth taking the time, energy or focus to verbally announce who may not be for you. I suggest making a mental note of them and proceed with caution.

Keep moving forward with what you’re doing with singularity of vision and focus. I believe peace will be present in knowing who to share things with. The absence of peace will reveal to whom you should remain a mystery in silence.

You can be successful at accomplishing anything you set your mind and heart to create. Just remember to bring light and announce your creation in the fullness of time, and not a moment sooner. Do it in the dark. And in the words of one of my mentors, “What Is Sacred Is Secret.” Shhhhh….

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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