Get in the Game

Happy New Year to You! We are almost at the close of January. It seems that time moves faster by the day. Nevertheless, I wanted to say hello and share a brief thought with you before I head out for the day. I woke up this morning, checked my email and then perused through two social media sites I typically use. Before I realized it, I’d spent at least 10 minutes on looking through my timeline and statuses. Neither really added anything beneficial to me. I think I allowed myself to get caught up in being “a watcher” for those 10 minutes. “A watcher of what?,” you may ask. A watcher of other people’s lives.

We become “watchers” for different reasons (especially through social media). One reason might be to be inspired or learn from successful people that we ordinarily would not have access to in the real world. Reading their tweets and statuses could somehow motivate us to be a better person. We may “watch” to keep up with the latest trends and information that can be useful to our professions and areas of interest. Lastly, we may be a watcher because it may be easier to fill our lives with the happenings of others because we have somehow lost the purpose of our own life. Perhaps watching other people is an escape from the way we feel about our lives. I’ve been studying the habits and practices of a few highly effective and successful people. There are significant similarities that they all share. I can tell you, they are not news and people watchers and they give little to no attention to their critics. Again, they are not watchers–they’re too busy creating news for people to talk about. I am learning people will always have something to say about you (unfortunately, from a negative perspective most times). But don’t let the negative comments or accusations deter you from your goals. If you are a watcher in the stands watching others play in the game of life, I encourage you to ask God to reveal His purpose for your life and then get in the game. Identify people in your circle who are watchers and doers and have dealings with them accordingly. Watchers are typically highly opinionated people, full of gossip and critiques about everyone else, yet they may lack a sense of direction for themselves. Doers rarely know about the latest happenings as they are focused on what they are doing. Get in the game, my friends! When you do, people will be watching….they are always watching.

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