Laugh ‘Til It Breaks

I spoke to a dear friend on the phone last night. We had some laughs about old times and took a stroll down memory lane. Our conversation was somewhat therapeutic in that laughter became a soothing balm to us both. There’s nothing like laughing so hard until your head or stomach hurts…those are my absolute favorite laughs. Fortunately, laughter has been one of the main pillars of my family. I’m not sure how it happened, but I can trace the “gift of comedy” in my family for at least three generations. It all stems from a person I often refer to as “the Queen of Comedy.” Yes, you guessed it…my moma!! This lady is “POWERFUL” =) I have seen people come over our house on any given day and say “Pat, tell us a story” (in other words, make us laugh). The anticipation on their faces gave me just as much pleasure as any punch line moma could have ever told them. My siblings and I grew up with people coming in and out of our home to either talk or listen to my mom (especially Sundays evenings after church). Her ability to re-enact events, people’s dialect and mannerisms was/is absolutely astounding. Mom’s choices of props (which was ANYTHING within an arm’s reach) would enhance each dramatization in ways I can not articulate with words. My mom is an educator by profession but some times I think she chose the wrong career. I believe she should have gone into stand up comedy or acting. Her weekly performances I’ve seen over the past 30+ years merits an Oscar Award for sure!!

My dad had a subtle and unassuming humor as well, so the gift of laughter has been passed down to my 4 siblings and I, their children (ranging from 19 yrs to a year old) and all of my cousins. There is always tons of laughter at our family gatherings. I am a witness to how laughter does good like a medicine and I try to take several doses as often as I can. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered how to not only see laughter as a humorous anecdote but to also use laughter as a weapon. At one time or another “life” happens…things that arise with no warning, signal or forecast. When “life” happens, its purpose is usually to derail you off course or throw you off your game. There’s no need to get stressed about any of it…substitute the tears for laughter. I remember being faced with what I thought was an insurmountable dilemma in 2006. I knew I’d be doomed if God didn’t rescue me!! I went into prayer to seek God for specific instructions on what to do…and sure enough He gave me instructions. It did not make sense and seemed a bit foolish to me. Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed especially because I had company over at that moment. My instructions were to get on the floor, roll back & forth, break out in a hysterical LAUGHTER until I felt IT break, and then empty out my bank account and sow it into a particular ministry. At first I thought maybe it was the devil talking to me!!! But I knew in my heart it was God. It took a while for the laughter to build because I had to transition from laughing from my mind to laughing from my spirit; and after a while I felt when IT broke. I called and sowed my seed as the Lord instructed to the ministry and in less than 24 hours a return of over $10k was in my hands..glory to God!! The harvest was as a result of obeying specific instructions from God and using Laughter as a weapon.

We all experience things that are no laughing matters on our journey. But instead of focusing your thoughts on the problem, consistently establish your thoughts on the solution. See yourself as God sees you..a winner and an overcomer. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength and laugh until you feel IT Break! Laughter does good like medicine and can keep you from having to take medicine =) Smile and find something to laugh about!

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2 thoughts on “Laugh ‘Til It Breaks”

  1. The spirit of laughter in the Christian home reminds me so much of our family and growing up in an enviornment where it is just as safe to laugh as it is to cry. This kind of up bring has provided so many instances of just pure emotion that super time at our house was more than just super, it was an event.
    Your presentation was awesome and serves as a reminder for me that laughter is a gift that we are all born with and it would be a tradgety not to take full advantage of it.

    God bless you.

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