In the Meantime

Not long ago I received a call to do some production and writing for an artist. Before I could hang up the phone, my mind and creativity had already started racing a thousand miles per minute. I had at least 5 or 6 song ideas within the first 5 minutes of ending the phone call! I live for the creation and completion of things. The process of creation to manifestation has always been intriguing to me; so it’s no surprise that my favorite part of any project is the beginning and the end. The beginning is the overall mental picture of the end and the end is holding the expression of the mental creation in hand–some may say holding it in reality or in the physical. I can’t describe the gratification I feel for starting and finishing. However, my struggle for the most part is the middle. The middle is the details and fine print of all things. It is the glue that connects start and finish.

We will be in the middle of 2012 in less than 2 months (time is flying by so fast)!! I’m sure we all had our goals and new tasks mapped out in January, but perhaps have fallen off the wagon a bit over the past few months…well, at least I have =) I have goals in 4 areas of my life and am doing really good in two of them. The other two?? Hiya Fiya Si tiya!! lol–but God is helping me with the middle!! In my mind, “the middle and the meantime” mean the same thing. I use the word goal or task for things naturally speaking; spiritually speaking I refer to words like promise or oath. I remember the first promise I ever heard from God at 8 years old, another at 16 years old, 22, 27, etc. His words whispered to my spirit created the mental picture and infused my heart with desire for His promises. Some things have come to pass and some things have not yet manifested in the physical…but it does not change the fact that God said and promised it. When God gives you His word on something, it’s as good as gold….even if decades have gone by. You have the promise, now you must know what to do “in the meantime.” Yes, there is seed then TIME, then harvest as long as the Earth remains. So often we faint and lose heart because of the amount of time that’s in between the beginning and end of a thing. The birth of Jesus had been prophesied thousands of years before it ever happened. It took time for events and people to precisely align itself to the promise foretold. I believe the bigger the promise, the more time is required. The taller the building, the surer the foundation. The taller the tree, the deeper the roots underground.

Most leaders and people of greatness have traveled similar paths. The seed of greatness was in them but they often endured extended periods of development…trial and error, tragedies and triumph, tears and joy. It takes a tremendous amount of determination to keep going and not drown in the process of becoming a great leader. A friend said to me, “I have goals, I have a word from God that hasn’t happened yet, I’ve been in the fight of faith a long time and am weary of fighting, I applied for the jobs and haven’t heard anything yet, WHAT DO I DO IN THE MEANTIME?” This was my answer to him and maybe it could be helpful to you (and me):

(a) Whether spiritual or natural, be willing to stand for what you know is yours, even if you have to stand forever. (b)Know that God is good and can be trusted. Psalms 103:7 says God made known His WAYS to Moses and his ACTS to the CHILDREN of Israel. God’s “children” need Him to act or see some type of performance of His hand in order to trust him but sons/daughters know God through his “ways and character”. Even if God doesn’t do it, our faith posture in HIM does not change. (c) Don’t be ruled by the element of time and only see things in the eternal. In believing we’ve received something from God (praying in faith), it exist in the spirit realm the moment we pray. (d) Surround yourself with pictures of whatever you’ve been promised or desire and become one with the feeling of already having it. [Perhaps using magazine photos, periodicals, etc. that symbolize images of health, wealth, success, marriage or pregnancy]. (e) Live in the present and focus on having faith only for today. Deal with tomorrow once it comes. (f) Develop “patiently waiting.” Just because we’re waiting doesn’t mean we’re waiting patiently. Patience requires being the same and being consistent no matter what has or hasn’t changed. (g) Lastly, get your mind off of yourself and be a giver to someone else. It is impossible to do good for others and it not come back to you. In whatever state you’re in, learn to be content and thankful for where you are right now. I believe doing these things “in the meantime” can help bring us to our EXPECTED END!!

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