It Is Finished!

I have just breathed a sigh of relief. My heart is beating fast with excitement. My soul is at peace because of satisfaction. There is perfect alignment within me in this moment because I know I have given my best. It has taken a little over a year to complete my first project where music was not involved. The element of music has been my life since I was 13 years old – I am now 38. Playing the organ, writing songs and teaching music has given me so much pleasure in that I know it is one of my primary callings. But one day last year I was talking to my best friend Lashon…and she casually said “Steph, you should write a book. I think you have a lot to say.” I laughed so hard and told her “Girl, you’re crazy! I need to write these songs for JESUS and get them placed on some more records!”

Though I laughed on the outside, the thought of writing the book stayed with me for weeks. I felt myself moving from “no” to “I’ll think about it” to “it’s possible” to “a mental yes” to “a doing yes”…and now this phase of “my yes” is finished! What is finished? “Beauty from the Inside Out” as a hard copy book, e-book, downloadable audio book (mp3), book promotional banner and my new website (

 The book is about redefining what beauty really is. The world often merits a woman’s beauty based upon external factors determined by sight. In dealing with our five senses, sight only makes up one fifth of the whole of the matter. I talk about how the real source of beauty comes from discovering your greatest assets from within—and will eventually show up on the outside. What goes on inwardly will always reveal itself outwardly given time. The book gives insight on how to reprogram unhealthy thought patterns, how to overcome insecurities, how to assess relationships, gives helpful nuggets if you’re single & desire to be married and so much more. It took me over two decades of life lessons to get to a place of wholeness…but I’m here by the grace of God. So I just wanted to share the pages of my heart with you to encourage or help in some way.

 I believe “Beauty from the Inside Out” could be beneficial to all girls, women and the men who love them.  You can go to or if you’d like to sample some chapters. Feel free to stop by my website and drop me a line on Facebook/Twitter (stephmayer). I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks a million for your prayers and support!

 Until next time….

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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