Desires of the Heart

It has been some months since my last blog but I am back! I stepped away to focus on writing my book “Beauty from the Inside Out.” It is my first of many thought offerings on paper. The rough draft for all 11 chapters is completed and the book editing phase will be underway within two weeks. I am simply ecstatic about it! The first phase of writing has been absolutely fulfilling; however I had one minor hick-up along the way. I had mapped out certain days for song writing and certain days for book writing. My plan didn’t quite work out because the inspiration to write had its on schedule for me to follow. I ended up writing songs on book days, writing the book on song days and sketching out business plans on the other days. Yikes! Thank God I made it through. I can say that I am confident the book will be helpful and insightful to those who read it.

It is Sunday night at 11:35 pm (certainly past my bedtime). I played for a church this morning, went to dinner and then laid down for the famous “Sunday afternoon nap.” I woke up ready to start the day (thinking it was 5 am Monday morning) only to find it was still Sunday night at 11 o’clock!! So here we are just you and me. Before I TRY to go back to sleep, I’ll blog a few thoughts. Well…some of you may know that for the most part I’m a person of systems and methods. I believe if something worked one time it should work again and again. You just have to know the combination or laws that govern what you desire to accomplish–be it spiritual or natural. I have had an unspoken desire that has taken up residence in the chambers of my heart. It is a good thing in that it brings benefit to way more people than just me. The desire has been in my head at least 3 years but has just now taken root in my heart. I wondered why it seemed like I wasn’t moving close to the realization of my unspoken request—neither was it moving close to me. It was not until 5 days ago that I realized the answer. And it came through a “light bulb” moment. The answer was “only a longing heart’s desire can be granted. The forces that cause things to move and assemble for you do not come from the prayers of your head. It comes from the prayers and desires of your heart.” That was part one of the answer. Part two was “once the desire is in the heart, you must hold it intentionally and consistently there until the request manifests itself to you in a tangible form.”

What do I mean by that? Manifestations or success on any level are intentional. Desires of this nature are not miracles—they are consciously planned as its arrival is always expected. There has to be a “hearty” commitment and deliberation to sustain the life of your desire while it is incubating in the heart. Most assuredly things on the outside will align themselves together for manifestation as you steady your heart from within. I think that sometimes we find it difficult to see desires manifested because we tend to spend more time focusing on the material (seen on the outside) rather than the internal (seen on the inside). We also tend to operate in two systems that work ultimately against themselves. For example, what keeps a man in cycles of financial lack? Is it the lack of money? No, I submit that it is two things: (a) his lack of holding a consistent desire, thought and feeling of wealth and (b) his idea of identifying himself with being anything less than the class of God and kingship—often feeling undeserving or inferior in some way. What happens is sometimes we have thoughts and feelings of abundance and other times we experience thoughts and feelings of lack. The result is then being caught in between the two whereas we only have just enough to get by. It works the same for health, love life, career progression, etc. We must decide which side of the track we’re going to be on and stick with it no matter what. The middle just doesn’t work so well nowadays. More and more, shades of gray are being demolished in every sector of life. We have approached the days of black or white, yes or no, abundance or poverty, master or slave, faith or fear. Each are systems governed by laws designed to bring themselves to pass. And friends, fear is something that we have got to strangle out of hearts. It has to be killed on first sight. That’s what happened to Job you know. He said the thing I feared has come upon me. A lot of things that happen to us aren’t God or even the devil. It is a summation of things we either “faith-ed” or feared in our thoughts. Our thoughts grant us the extraordinary privilege to create positively and negatively. It’s good to know that we don’t have to stay a victim to any situation. Just change your mind about it and get back in the proper class of divinity—as to say you’re just like God with creative power.

After 5 days of moving the desire from my head to my heart, I have already started seeing signs that the unspoken words of my heart-filled desire are being made flesh. Forget about what is in your head. What is the true, sincere, longing of your heart? Whatever it may be, fill your heart with detailed images, sounds and aromas of its very being. If we live the reality of our desires in our hearts by day and by night, we can one day enjoy the fruit thereof just as was intentionally planned. Lastly my friends, expect only the best, it will meet you. Anticipate fulfillment and it will greet you. Be confident in knowing God will give you the desires of your heart.

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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