My Mother and Ms. Candye

It will be Mother’s Day weekend in a couple of days. I woke up this morning feeling extremely blessed to have and have had such wonderful examples of what a mother does, looks like, sounds like, and loves like. A thousand things come to mind when I think about who my my mother, Pat Mayer, is.

I’ve said it before in a previous blog but I think it’s worth mentioning again. By profession my mother is a retired educator though I believe she could have easily had a successful career in comedy and acting! So much so that I am literally writing a book about it. 🙂 Mom has taught my family how to laugh through victories as well as turbulent storms. There are a lot of things I admire about my mom, but if I had to choose my top 3, it would be her wisdom, consistency, and heart. I know a lot of parents who sometimes compromise when their children are in the wrong — my siblings will be the first to tell you, our mom stands for right and righteousness regardless of who it is — especially us! She’s more than a mother to me, she is also one of my best friends. I think that’s pretty cool. I cannot tell you how I always look forward to our in depth conversations about life, relationships, and our family history. The stories about her, my aunts, and Ms. Candye (my grandmother) are as entertaining than a 2 hour movie.

The younger generation (30’s and under) may find it difficult to relate to how Ms. Candye and my mother raised us. I remember when Ms. Candye would have us to help her pick peas, collards, and other vegetables from the field. Do you remember the terms “shucking corn, shelling peas, home-made preserves in jars, and hanging clothes to dry on the clothes line?” I sure do. This was our way of life for a good part of my childhood in the evenings at Ms. Candye’s house. As I watched Ms. Candye, my mom and aunts spend hours cooking, jarring and freezing, I asked Ms. Candye how we were going to eat all that food over the course of a week. She said, “Darlin, this part is what we’ll eat in the summer; this part is for the winter; and this part I’ll give away.” That is a wise woman — to have more than enough for now, later, and to share with others. My grandmother had a heart for community and missions that impacted a lot of people in my hometown. I never would have imagined that  my life would be directed down a similar path as hers. In honor of Ms. Candye, I started a nonprofit organization called Candye’s Hands Foundation that addresses community needs with our youth. (I’ll share more about it at a later time). I understand how times have changed and sometimes we have to make some adjustments to keep up and stay relevant to today’s society but I believe it will serve us best to hold on to some of our good, traditional, and wholesome values that our parents and grandparents taught us. For example, Family-Sunday dinners together, Saturday-clean up days, being more relational and interactive with people, more prayer and bible time together, more “us” and less I.” There are other things to consider but any of these are a great start.

I want to take this time to acknowledge my mother, Patricia Mayer, and grandmother, Candye Brown. Your sacrifice has made me the woman I am today. I will love and honor you forever. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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