On A Lighter Note

I have been on pins and needles the past day or so. For starters, I “just so happened” to realize that I forgot to register for classes for the spring semester….which should have been done over a month ago! I am a stickler for punctuality and I have fallen on my own sword. My schedule has been a bit hectic the past few months so trying to keep up with everything, everyone and myself has been a juggling act to say the least. The gentleman over the registrar’s office had mercy on me today and allowed me to add the courses I needed without a penalty. I really wanted to give him a hug and ask him to shout with me, but I figured my expression of gratitude would not be very appropriate.

I have the slightest idea of where my passport is. All I know is it’s somewhere between Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia. I feel like I’ll need it soon for some reason. I may apply for a replacement though I’d rather find my current one because I looked cute on the passport photo…ha! My laptop is five years old. The screen blacks out whenever it chooses to do so. When it blacks out, I wait exactly seven minutes and them turn it back on. The computer will have to be completely dead before I buy another one. I have to go to the airport after church tonight and may miss Scandal…yikes!

A few years earlier, I probably would have been somewhat aggravated by these small issues. Now–I think about it, laugh and go on. I’m learning not to take everything so seriously…all the time. It’s good to lighten up and focus on the things that are within my power to change. There are days to live by a planned schedule. Likewise, there are days to be spontaneous. I believe there is a joy in living. My joy comes through nature, music, family and simple things. Spring is here–laugh more, smile more, love more, dance more, and give more. When things come to get the best of you, laugh and keep on going. This has really helped me….maybe it can do the same for you. Peace and Blessings!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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