Out with the Old, In with the New

I have always enjoyed having something “new” as far back as I can remember.  It was always exciting when my mom took my siblings and I shopping in preparation for the upcoming school year.  I knew I would at least get three skirts, four tops and a pair of shoes–thus developing a sophisticated art of stretching 3 outfits over 5 days. The key was to change up the tops with my skirts…creativity at its best indeed!  Where I’m from (Raeford, NC), the first two weeks of school carried such a great sense of pride for us in that we got to show off all of our new clothes.  I will never understand how mom took my “two fish and five loaves of bread” wardrobe and caused it to multiply for months!!

It was during that time, as a youngster, I learned that I get bored very easily.  Change to some degree had to be a constant even if nothing more than experiencing change in my imagination.  Adapting to change was so much easier for me as a child and teenager than being an adult.  My comfort and stability has come from knowing what comes next or what to do next.  For example, I’ve been trained to be a musician practically all of my life.  It is the only job I’ve ever known.  20+ years of doing the same thing and doing it quite well I’m told.  All of a sudden gradual discontentment began to take its course.  Why the discontentment I wondered? My schedule and system work just fine. Could it be frustration with the “usual of church work”/my job or could it be the deeper side of me yearning to be discovered and experienced?  I believe that it was both reasons in my case and perhaps could be yours as well.  What was a blessing in the past could end up being a curse in the present if we’re not able to discern set times and seasons. God has declared the end from the beginning.  He always starts with the end while life produces backward motions to bring us to our expected end.  Our job is to simply keep moving forward toward the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.  I suppose that’s what is meant when people say life is a circle–like a clock, we’re moving backwards in the supernatural and forward in the natural all at the same time.  Some may think God is a noun, but I believe God is a verb because He is constantly moving.  To decide not to change or to remain in “still mode”  is to be equivalent to being behind.  A balanced life is often about taking calculated risks and doing things out of the norm.  It could be moving out on a hunch, going with a spontaneous idea, a career change, opening yourself to be loved by another, being more health conscious, re-inventing yourself, etc.  I’m learning to embrace the benefits of change.  It makes life so much richer and adventurous.  We only have one life to live, one day at a time, one moment at a time.  I have decided to go for the new with all that is within me and am in hopes you will do the same.

The lyrics of this Diana Ross classic are so moving yet profound: “But now it’s my turn, if I don’t have all the answers–at least I’ll know I’ll take my share of chances–Ain’t no use in holding on with nothing stays the same. I’ll let it rain, cause the rain ain’t gonna hurt me.  And I’ll let you go though I know it won’t be easy.”  I bid farewell to the familiar and welcome to the unfamiliar. To everyone reading this blog, may you have the courage to leave the old and embark upon the horizon of a brand new world that is waiting just for you!!

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8 thoughts on “Out with the Old, In with the New”

  1. I love everything you said. The blog is so encouraging and is definitely a motivation to embrace other aspirations we may have and to take that leap of faith in order to fulfill our dreams and enrich our lives. Thank you for sharing. See you real soon.

    Ms. Mary

    1. Ms. Mary, there is nothing like taking that “leap of faith.” I’m so glad He promised not to let us fall or fail in jumping into the things He has placed in our hearts. Thanks so much for reading and I love ya to pieces!! =)

  2. Steph, well said. Life is a constant change and to not change is to die. God says live and not die. I am living beyond my wildest dreams, taking God at His word every step of the way. If someone told me that I would be an assistant Pastor, I would have said that you are crazy; but God.I trust Him beyond my imagination. I feel the waters of change moving in my life, and I am excited!!!!

    1. Hi Sharron, I’m so excited to hear your testimony of faith!! ‘Tis so sweet to trust.” I really appreciate you stopping by to read my blog. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Live is a series of changes. One day we were born, change came around and we were teenagers, then adults. Time is coming when we will be old. However, what will matter the most is how we emblazed change in our life time. For change is the steering wheel in life’s engaging challenges.

  4. Wow and Wow again! I so enjoy your blogs. So far all of them have been thought provoking. Your analogies and outlook are a reflection of what the inward spirit can absorb and then produce. This is an excellent means by which you can and are postivelyl effecting the quality of life for others. I thank you.

    1. Val, I’m sooo glad you enjoyed them!! I look forward to writing and sharing more. Thanks a million for reading and also for being a true and constant friend. Love ya always sis! 🙂

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