Pay No Attention to It: The Bird Family

Everyday is filled with new discoveries. We are surrounded by the lessons taught through our existence, relationships, and even nature. Speaking of nature, it has become a great teacher in a somewhat silly but frustrating way with an issue I have had since the beginning of spring. What is the issue, you ask? A family of birds using my balcony as their living quarters. Now, you know wherever birds linger, bird poop is inevitable. This has been my silent frustration in my attempts to buy products that will act as a repellent for this family of four. I am typically an early riser and have little need for an alarm — probably because the family’s “bird communication” begins at 5 a.m. like clock work. Sometimes I’ll tap the window or the blinds to try to shew them away. The dad bird flies away at the sound of almost any noise, however the mom bird doesn’t budge. She kind of stares back at me with a look of “you might as well go on ‘cuz I ain’t going no where” (as she covers the two baby birds). Please forgive the bad English but it really wouldn’t be good to lose a battle of territory to a bird, right? My sentiments exactly.

I would find myself being overly concerned with how to get rid of my bird dilemma. It seemed as if the more I thought about how to keep the birds off the balcony, the more they stayed. Three weeks ago, I finally gave up the fight. Yes, I threw in the towel, waved the white flag and just released it. I decided not to give it any more attention. It was hard at first but I got better with it day by day. The less I thought of the birds, the less I saw or heard them. This is what I found out in a nutshell: when I stopped paying attention to it, it stopped paying attention to me. As I type today, there is not a bird anywhere near my balcony…and it’s been like this for a little over 2 weeks now.

There’s an old proverb that says “where attention goes, energy flows.” We can buy things through the currency of our attention. It is a good practice to think of something you want more of and then pay attention to it. I believe the attention you give to whatever “it” may be pays the cost of having. It is not enough to think of good things but we should see ourselves in our mind’s eye as having received the good thing by faith. There is an esteemed value in giving attention to the word of God for the answers and treasures of life are found within its pages. Good health and total life prosperity is God’s will for every man. In giving Him and His word more attention, it opens the door for us to be guided toward a better tomorrow. Be inspired to intentionally set your attention on the good and don’t focus so much on the bad. Do not worry about negative people or things that may come to weaken your faith because it will soon pass. As the “Bird Family of Four” taught me….pay no attention to it, and it will pay no attention to you.” 

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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