On Time

I am so ready for Fall. It’s my favorite season of the year for many different reasons. Something significant in my life always happens without fail. I’m not sure why change seems to visit around this time of year but whatever it shall be, I’m ready to go for it. All in all, September is typically the month I assess the present year and plan for the upcoming year. I can honestly say that this has been a pretty good year so far. Everyday hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.

The closer I get to forty, the more things I delight in discovering…about God, about people, about me, and about how the world works. It feels strangely as if life has just begun anew. We may often feel that we “know” a few things and have figured life out…only to find we know very little to nothing at all from a broad perspective. I’m so glad God knows the end from the beginning and is willing to show us things to come as we stay close to Him. Following His lead certainly takes a lot of the pressure out of the equation. As I’m typing, I just thought about something that was placed in my heart to do about two years ago. I actually thought I missed the window or season to get it done but I just felt the nudge in my gut to pursue it earlier this morning. I believe there are times when God will tell you specific things to do. Other times all you’ll have is a hunch, gut feeling or instinct. Just thinking about this pursuit gives me nausea but there is something that is yet exciting and adventurous about it, you know?? I’m not one for surprises but I live for “planned adventures.”

You may have a dream, business plan, or endeavor that’s been incubating in your heart for a while. Maybe you feel like I did in thinking you missed your season to act upon it. Listen for God, His timing and His instruction concerning it. A delay doesn’t necessarily mean a denial. It often requires time for the resources and right people to come into proper alignment to assist you. No worries–you’re right on time and you’ll get to the place where you were meant to be. We’ll get there together—All is Well!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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