Repair Leaks With Time

I made a commitment to myself to blog at least once a week.  Boy, was I excited & somewhat shocked about the new promise I made to myself!! First of all, you have to understand I am a very private person and typically do not care to have any attention on myself–so writing my thoughts and making it accessible to “whomever” is like a BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT for me!! =)  I’m telling you…I felt excitement “WITH A MIGHTY BURNING FIRE” about my new blogs.  I jotted down a few ideas to write about and then put it to the side the next day. Can you believe it has only been 7 days and I just had to re-light the “Mighty Burning Fire??”  I should be slightly embarrassed but I’m not.  The good thing is that I noticed; shame should come if I do not notice at all.

The decrease of passion to do something can be very subtle and sneaky. It usually leaks out like a tire that slowly loses air due to a small nail puncture. For a tire, it only takes a day or two to realize the leakage.  For some real life issues, it takes months or even years to notice the air or life of a thing has gone flat.  It is better to address leakages in our lives the moment we are aware it exists.  Leakages often hide behind procrastination, busy-ness for others, distractions, inconsistencies and the lack of structure.  My ONLY saving grace is writing things down and making a daily “to do list.”  Without it, my day tends to be unproductive–shooting aimlessly at a target that does not exist.  However with a to-do list, my day is more organized, which ensures that I will be a good steward of the time God has given me.  Time is one of the most valuable commodities on earth. Once it’s gone you can never get it back.  Time ended for someone today.  That statement alone is enough to re-ignite every passion and pursuit all over again. Always do what you can while you can.  If you can not decide what to do with your time, someone will always be there to decide for you.  Having no plan, goal or strategy is failure waiting to happen.  Everyday should be deliberate.  Everyday should be intentional.  Everyday should be purposeful.  Everyday should be lived. I suggest using this week to evaluate areas or pursuits that have “gone flat.”  The first question to ask is, is that area or pursuit worth resuscitating? If it’s not worth the investment, let it go and walk away. But if it is a new venture, surrounding yourself with progressive, like-minded people can be a great energy booster.

One thing is for sure.  Successful people are consistent people. The seeds of diligence you sow can yield a multiplied harvest to you, your children, and even your children’s children! Your consistency is never just about you. It is mostly about countless others who depend upon your commitment to stay on your post. Whatever your assignment is, PLEASE DON’T QUIT–WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU!!

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4 thoughts on “Repair Leaks With Time”

  1. Stephanie,
    Intentional living is a challenge to all whose passion for life has been diluted by useless distractions. I love how you have defined and drawn our attention to the existence of leakages in our lives. You have also encouraged us to pursue with renewed vitality and purpose, those things that are worth the investment! It sounds like a motivational seminar that is waiting to happen! Keep it up! I know you are helping somebody with the words flowing out of your spirit and mind! Thank you for sharing!
    Arlene Denise Dunn

  2. Sure, these leakages in life need to be seriously addressed. Otherwise one might live an empty life only to realize it when its too late. Nothing hurts in this life as wishing that we did the right thing at the right time and in the right way. The only way to prevent this is to block the leakages in our lives.

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