Silence to Hear & My Upcoming Book

I always enjoy good conversation, laughter and listening. On average, I’m a woman of few words unless you’re family or a close friend. As of late, I have been less talkative than usual. I feel fine and things are well with me–I just don’t have truck loads of words to say. As I type, I hear silence which neutralizes the trace of anything that would come to disrupt the slightest inkling of peace. Silence on the outside yet I hear the voice of my spirit talking within. I hear the voice of my future talking to me; words that are colorful, melodic, synchronized and intriguing. The quieter I become, the louder it speaks.

I write songs and literature during times like these. It still gets a bit confusing from time to time because when I feel inspired to write a song, a chapter for a book comes; when I sit to write a chapter, a song comes. I’m not sure if I told you in a past blog but I’m working on another book to be released later this year. The concepts in it have changed my life and are yet transforming me in a positive way. I’ll talk about it more at a later time though I can tell you….the insight, I believe God has given on this subject, can be beneficial to all that read it. I’m very excited about the book for more reasons than one to say the least.

Not much to say today, friends—but know that your future is bright. Cherish the time and people God has given you for your life. Be strong, courageous and have faith FOR TODAY. Tomorrow will get here soon enough. Take an opportunity to take time for yourself and do things that you enjoy. Above all, be inspired to quiet the noise in order to hear words of life in your inner man.

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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