Sporadic Thoughts About My Upcoming Book

It has been a long but good day. Went to church this morning, had dinner, went by the lake and I am finally unwinding for the evening. I have no idea what I’ll blog about but hopefully cohesive thoughts will emerge as I continue to type.

I promised myself that I’d be finished writing my book by my birthday in August.  It’s turning out much better than I thought. My friends Lashon & Stacey J. inspired me to write it some months ago, so I’ve been researching and spending time in prayer about the content, wording, etc. Five chapters down and five more to go! At first I was thinking I may not have much to say but I now realize I have plenty to share.  There are things we know because God gives us revealed knowledge, other things through wisdom and common sense. Lastly, we know things because we have lived and experienced it. There are no fabrications here because I’ve lived every word on every page.

The name of the book is “Beauty from the Inside Out.”  I begin by painting a portrait of Stephanie, the little girl from the country and progressively share the journey of Stephanie, the woman who lives in the unlimited spectrum of I AM. I talk about how God gives you beauty from the ashes.  We all know about ashes as it is the powdery residue that remains after the fire. Though they are ashes, it is still beautiful simply because there is something left.  Beauty, my friends, starts from within and radiates from a glowing heart for all the world to physically see. My friend Latrice P. has also inspired me from the stand point of wellness and health.  As it relates to being healthy, there is wholeness that has to transpire from the inside lest we be lighter physically and still see ourselves as heavy when looking in a mirror. Our sight will always project the place we’re looking out from—beauty in all forms must be conceived and watered from the inside out. I talk about how being physically smaller doesn’t necessarily mean more beautiful. I believe it does not matter how small or large the gift, it just depends on how it’s packaged…no particular size except SIZE HEALTHY (which is based on certain physiological factors).

I wrote about the beauty of change and transition. My life has been filled with transition and constant updates ever since I left home for college at 17 years old. I’ve had an instructional update concerning my life as recent as a week ago. In living a life of faith, it is imperative to know God’s voice for yourself, especially when others question or doubt your decisions. I have found it easier to keep your plans to yourself as much as possible. Keep quiet and let them wonder, talk and speculate. They will oooo, ahhh and marvel at the end. However, I sincerely caution you about people in general. Never define yourself by their words, accolades and opinions.  Some will praise you in the morning and by nightfall, crucify you. Whatever you do, KEEP IT MOVING (in the words of Dr. Malinda Sapp)! The higher you go, the smaller your circle will become. When Jesus went UP to the Mount of Transfiguration (Change), He left 9 disciples and only took 3 disciples with him…the same at Gethsemane. I encourage you to travel light and keep your circle small. Those who are for you are more than likely already there. The one’s who leave weren’t meant to stay. But what I do know is God will give you people for your life—those of like faith, like mind, like passion and like actions. That is the beauty of it all.

I share so much more in the book…so many victorious and funny moments. I share the beauty of my life as well as share other perspectives on perhaps the beauty of your life, both men and women. Well, I’m running late on watching the NBA Playoffs this eve. Thanks for reading and we’ll chat soon!!

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  1. I thank God for giving you the inspiration to write. I am personally blessed reading your blog and I believe your book will be a blessing too.

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