The Talk Room with Stephanie is a compassionate sanctuary designed to provide emotional support and empathetic listening services to individuals seeking a safe space to share their feelings, fears, and challenges. We are here to lend a compassionate ear, offering undivided attention and understanding without judgment or shame.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or simply need someone to talk to, our virtual talk room is a haven where your emotions matter, and your experiences are valued. We believe in the power of genuine connection and aim to foster a supportive community where you can express yourself and embark on a journey of healing and growth.

We recognize that everyone’s emotional journey is unique. Our goal is to give you a unique experience that is specific to your needs. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, we will provide support, guidance, compassion, and care. Trust and confidentiality are at the core of our values, ensuring that you can confide in us without hesitation.  Join the Talk Room and let us help you navigate through life, provide insight, and remind you that you are never alone in your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a virtual session, and what are the time slots?

Scheduling a session is easy. You can click here and choose Talk Room to see the available time slots that suit your schedule.

What if I’m not comfortable with video sessions?

We understand that everyone has unique preferences. We offer both video (camera on or off) and phone sessions, so you can choose the format that makes you feel most at ease and comfortable.

Is Stephanie certified or trained to be an empathetic listener?

Yes, Stephanie Mayer is certified and extensively trained in active listening, empathy, emotional support, and creative arts. She possesses the skills and expertise to provide the care and understanding you need. Learn about Stephanie’s qualifications here.

How long are the Talk Room sessions?

We offer 30-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions.

How do I make payment for Talk Room sessions?

We provide secure and easy payment options on our Work with Me page. Once you select your appointment day and time, you will be directed to our secure payment page. You can make payments using various credit/debit cards ensuring a hassle-free experience.

For additional questions, contact us.