“Tell the Truth..the Whole Truth…So Help Me God”

I woke up this morning listening to one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard.  Ahhhh…..’twas the sound of rain. Every drop announced itself in a rhythmic pattern that surpasses any stroke of a drum. Rain is often associated with a reason to be aggravated during a morning commute to work or an added inconvenience that affects one’s mood for the day. But in other cultures around the world, rain is a sign of prosperity and increase. There are many people (like farmers) who desperately depend on rain for a living and are ecstatic at its arrival.  If the truth be told, our lives are co-dependent on rain just as much as those who work in agriculture. None of us would be able to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables without it.  My point is everything is based on perception and how we see things. I love the adage that says “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE ARE.” Our outlook is determined by the inward place we’re looking out from. Sometimes that place is developed by what others have told us, and other times it’s by what we’ve told ourselves.  Either way the inward place is the housing center of the things we choose to believe.

I know two business owners who have been successful in their real estate business. The housing market took a plunge a few years back and they both lost everything!! I talked to both afterwards and one said, “oh boy, I’ll never recover…I don’t know how I’m going to make it.”  The other said, “Steph, I just hit a rough spot for right now but I’ll be back on top in about 6 months to a year.” Sure enough, both of their fates happened as they both “believed and confessed.” It is all a matter of what is truth to a person.

Something can be truth to one person and yet not truth to another.  I have experienced things in my life that have developed a “system of truth” for me.  My journey and experiences are different from another person, so it has made me less judgmental for those who have a different perspective of truth than me. Experiences are real and are surrounded by legitimate facts though experiences can very well be a potential lie without having an absolute truth to measure it by.  For me, the only absolute truth is the word of God (the Bible). When I find the truth of His word on a matter, it trumps every fact or experience I’ve encountered past or present.  Almost 4 years ago, the doctors thought I was having an aneurysm. It affected my nervous system and caused blindness in my right eye. In that time of crisis I had to rely on what was truth to me. It had already been programmed in my subconscious that God heals the spirit, mind, body and soul.  Because that was truth to me, I was totally healed in a matter of weeks, I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and was able to witness to my doctor. My doctor told me “your God has shown me a miracle…go in peace!!” And guess what..I’m still at peace!! It is not wise to try to build a house in a storm. Build truth in your spirit while everything is fine and you won’t be moved when the time of testing comes.

The morning rain caused me to remember the truth of every promise made in God’s word.  I checked my perspective to make sure that the integrity and truth of His word weighs much more heavily than any fact that may appear as real. I obligate myself to tell the truth…the whole truth…so help me God!! I encourage you to always tell the truth no matter what!!

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2 thoughts on ““Tell the Truth..the Whole Truth…So Help Me God””

  1. Hey Steph, I just have one question…When is the book going to be released? I enjoy reading your blogs! I always get a lesson out of each one of them. You are a wonderful teacher and writer of life’s lessons and of course music. It’s never too much or not enough. It’s just right! Don’t stop writing or teaching because so many look forward to the nuggets you give out! So very proud of you. May God continue to speak to and through you and forever shower you with Favor!

    1. My sister!! Thanks so much Tameka. You have made my day. To answer your question, I’m working on the book as we speak =) My goal is to have it completed by the end of December. I really appreciate you taking out the time to read my thoughts and expressions of my heart. I promise to keep writing and sharing the things I’ve found helpful over the years. Love you always nem, nem, nem, nem 🙂

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