What Season Is It?

Leaves on the ground, frost on my window and cold wind seeping through my door…these are the signs of Fall. To me, the most beautiful time of the year is here again. The vast array of colors in nature overwhelm my very being. Only a God can create such magnificence and splendor for the eye to behold. It is so easy for me to sit on the balcony and gaze at the stars in the sky–observing the wonders of His Hands. What a man….and He is my Father. Over and over again nature becomes my teacher in the most quiet manner. Nature speaks to all of us though it has no audible voice. It teaches us through daily illustrations though some fail to see it. Often life screams aloud over the brilliant lessons of nature but its presence has existed beyond the ages. Allow me to further share my thoughts..

We are in the last quarter of the year 2011. Now is a great time to evaluate and assess our individual progress this year. Did we move forward, stand still, retreat, etc? Sometimes the things that we are called to do are much bigger than what we have the ability to do in our power. If that is the case, you’re in a good place. Combining your finite ability with God’s infinite ability makes all things possible.  For years I believed that God was going to do everything for me. Boy, was I sadly mistaken. Prayer is good, but prayer alone does not work. Desire and hope are good but alone it doesn’t get results. I often think of me and God as business partners. He has His part and I have a part. Thinking otherwise has gotten me no where but to a dead-end. I just thought of the song “It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it out of sight!!” I use to love that song…but I digress =) Through every change and season, we are partners with God (yet He is the CEO). I’m preparing for the tasks that lie ahead for 2012. In order to move forward and prepare efficiently, I must identify the overall season of my life at present. For example, Fall is typically the pruning from Summer. Things and often people start to scatter and fall from your life. It is the separation of the living from the dead…a time of focusing on the essentials and forgetting about the rest. It ultimately prepares you for the cold of winter. I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy winter however it is very necessary. Winter is a time of hibernation, reflection, receiving instructions/strategies & being still. There is not a lot of activity or movement. That season’s purpose is to refuel our mind and spirit…and to allow rest to penetrate our souls. Spring is the season to wake up and get things moving; executing the instructions placed inside you from the time of winter. Change your clothes and dress for the occasion…often with vibrant colors so to speak. It is also the time to give diligent attention to planting seeds (even though we should plant all year long but especially during that time). The summer is a season of you relaxing and enjoying the fruit of your labor. It’s a time where you are not working for things but the things from spring time are working for you.

These seasons I speak of have no specific date and time frame. It can not be judge with a carnal eye. Seasons occur at different times but we must be able to identify them at any given moment. Take the time to locate where you are in your life. If all we do is hibernate or relax, no one can reap the full benefit of our existence. Faith without works is DEAD. God in His wisdom has blessed us with the luxury of seasons–each containing its own message and significance. We may prefer one season over another but despise none of them. Our Chief Architect & Creator has need of them all and so do we. FIND CONTENTMENT IN YOUR SEASON!!

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