Why I’m Back in School

The time for Final Exams are here again. I actually thought once I completed my undergrad in ’97 that I would be finished with college forever. At the time, my focus was primarily on keeping my suitcase packed, hopping on and off planes, and music. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog or not, but I have always thought the most logical path for my life would be music. Music and ministry have been the sum total of my life for over two decades. Music was my major for a short time….until I had a crazy hunch to change it to psychology my junior year. I was almost terrified to tell my mom that I’d changed my major again. I knew she was going to flip out about me wasting her hard earned money on my impulsive indecisiveness; after all, she took out loans to pay my tuition. I could not give a reasonable explanation as to why I wanted to study psychology. I suppose it was because I really didn’t know why within myself…I just felt like it was what I was supposed to do, you know?

So here I am some years later working on a master’s degree in counseling. All of my psychology classes prepared me for this time. Nothing just happens. Every detail (even mistakes) tend to cohesively work together in the big scheme of things. I’m not finished with writing or producing music as music is just like air to me–yet counseling and caring for others satisfies me in ways I can not articulate at the moment. I know a few people who live for “the lights,” notoriety, position, and various accolades. And I guess that’s okay for those who really need that for validation. But I think it’s more impressive when someone can do the work of the ministry and humanity without needing to be known for their contribution. Some of the most grandest acts of kindness I’ve witnessed had no names attached to it. The recipient had no clue as to who the giver was; in turn, the recipient gave God all the praise.

The best place to administer the love of God is anywhere you are. You’d be surprised at the number of broken hearts that are camouflaged by a smile, joke or laughter. At the end of the day, people matter. It is a good thing to make an effort to love or give beyond ourselves and our own personal struggles to help someone else through their struggle. I have found in times past that many of my issues were overcome as I poured out of myself to help others. Compassion is such a strong yet delicate force that opens the gateway to healing and wholeness to those who need it most. I am interested in seeing people experience all levels of healing–whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. They are all important…thus my purpose for going back to school. I feel the more I equip myself with spirit, heart, and knowledge, the more effective I can be in serving mankind. Every person’s purpose is wrapped in serving others in some way. You are gift to the world. Use your time and talents to express your life’s purpose every where you go. Your part of the world could be in your neighborhood, city or state. Whatever the case, be great where you are and serve well. Though men may never know your name, rest assure God does. And He will remember every good deed you do for Him.

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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