Something Good

I have enjoyed being snowed in the past few days. The down time has given me a chance to think and catch up on a few things. One of the main highlights was watching the game between OKC and Miami Heat last night. Well, it was really a Kevin Durant versus Lebron James game. They are pretty amazing players but Durant took home the trophy for me! I think I want to be around a rowdy crowd for the Superbowl this Sunday (**Denver Broncos** =). I normally watch the Superbowl with people I know, but I may do something different this time. I’m considering going to a restaurant (with surrounding big screen TVs) and watch the game with a group of strangers.

Of course, I’ll invite one or two friends to come. They are as spontaneous as I am (if not more), so it should be fun. I have no complaints. Life is good and God has been faithful. I know my thoughts may seem a bit scattered, but I really feel like something good is about to happen for you and for me. It does not necessarily mean that things are bad right now, but there is a strong feeling of better and greater. I’ll take that back and say there is a feeling of “best and greatest.” When you think about it, why choose “better” when “best” is available?

Have you ever been excited and not sure why? I believe when you feel that way, your spirit perceives something is happening (or is going to happen) whereas the mind cannot comprehend it as of yet. The word “suddenly” has been at the forefront of my thinking the past few weeks. Suddenly means a situation can be one way this moment and turned another way in the next moment. God has performed many “suddenly moments” in my life as I’m sure He has done for you. Keep your eyes open, stay alert, and keep your expectancy on high. This a time of victory and a time of the manifestation of God’s goodness to His children. I am convinced of it. Look up and live, friends. Something good is going to happen to you!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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