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Yesterday I took the day off and was determined to do something that didn’t require thinking or reading. My first stop was the movies. I felt extra good about going because it was “stimulus Tuesday” whereas movies are $5 all day–I’m on the frugal side =) The movie was action packed and I loved it! I think I enjoyed the movie even more because there were probably less than 15 people in the theater with me. Afterwards, I did some shopping, went to dinner, came home and watched the Olympics until I fell asleep. Yesterday was a good day. I was happy. This morning I am yet in a state of happiness…not because everything is going perfectly but simply because it’s what I choose for me today. Hopefully, it will be what I choose tomorrow and the day after.

Things happen…life happens in a way that sometimes places us in seemingly non-favorable situations. Even in those times there is always something to be thankful for. More times than not, how we respond to such situations can determine how long we stay in them. Happiness and unhappiness are almost identical. The only difference is happiness is derived by focusing on the positive and unhappiness comes from focusing on the negative. They both require the same amount of attention, energy and focus. It’s possible to form a habit of happiness. Another way of saying it would be forming an attitude of gratitude. No one can keep a thankful person down…no one. No circumstance can keep a grateful person imprisoned. It may take some time, but they’ll always come out on top. Happiness is not determined by what is “happening.” It is a state of being. To be unappreciative or have a negative disposition about ourselves will not serve us well. If you notice, negativity can effect you physically. Pay attention to people who may be chronic complainers. Sometimes there is a correlation between complainers and health challenges because what you focus on expands. Our words and thoughts are seeds that await harvest.

Think on things that are lovely, pure and of a good report. If you’re facing a health challenge, God’s word says you are healed…think on that. If your heart has been broken, God’s word says that He has come to mend the brokenhearted…think on that. If you woke up “on the wrong side of the bed” this morning, be thankful that you have a bed…think on that. You have been given the gift of another day. Choose to be happy, thankful and glad. When you do, you make room for good things to happen to you and yours. Be happy in the little things of life….they’re really the big things!

May peace and prosperity be with you always.

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